Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it's that moment when
your gums stop quivering at
my breast, and you thrust

yourself into a
perfect back bend, while kneading
my thigh with your toes.


blue roses said...

so precious.

i love your poems. i need to work on being so cranky and tired and brain-dead all the time, so i can write more.

i miss you and baby girl.

cara said...

that quite literally took my breath away as I remembered, it seems like so long ago now. Could I maybe post some of your writing on my blog? Credited and linked of course. I don't mind at all if you'd rather I didn't but if you did I would be very happy.

17 beats. said...

cara, i would love that.

cara said...

Yay! that's so cool, thank you! Want to send me an email? peonies@btinternet.com