Friday, April 13, 2012

the fly

you won't believe this,
but here goes : i'd been trying
to kill the fucker

for three days, at least.
his relentless buzzing left
me delirious

and had my cats on
sleepless high-alert. so,,,
he landed beside

the sink, on the rim
of a recently washed glass.
fucking brazen, right ?

"you fucking piece of
shit. you torture me for days
and now this ? marring

my stemware with your
fucking filthy feet ? are you
fucking kidding me ?"

i watched him clean his
mandibles with his legs, not
a care in the world.

what could i do ? i'd
been bested. it was time to
'let go, and let God.'

now for the fun part.
i came back to the kitchen
five minutes later,

and what do i find ?
a shiny green buoy in
my coffee. Amen !

1 comment:

Christina T. Williamson said...

hahaha, this made me smile. well done.