Saturday, April 27, 2013

mothers and daughters

the words fall out of
my mouth, rocks plopping heavy
into dark water.

they sink deeper and
and deeper, but we know they're
below the surface,

even when it's still.
she will never say these things
to me, i'm perfect.

but this is a wish,
not a promise.  someday the
tape will play again,

the rocks will plop and
the water will ripple, and
i'll have to listen.


cara said...

Fuck. Yes.

17 beats. said...

funny, my husband didn't understand this. i wonder how liberating it must feel not to bear the crippling burden of knowing we all become our mothers ? it's all so complicated.

cara said...

I've often wondered that too. It's the bonus prize men get to make up for not being able to create life.

Celia said...

joe would understand this. just as i am becoming my mother, he is becoming his. our poor kid.

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