Monday, November 4, 2013

she knows.

i am frustrated.
our cat has been howling for
forty five minutes.

not sweet little mews
but full-blown MROOOOOOWs that echo
down the hall, through the

baby monitor --
insanity in stereo sound.
a sippy cup drops

and spills.  our dog barks
and paces.  our other cat
chirps, demanding food.

the sonic clutter
is closing in around me.
then from far away,

a tiny voice says,
"bonjour mama. how are you?"
it's a warm blanket;

empathy that she
doesn't even understand.
"all better.  Thank you."


Christina Terrell said...

love it

i just recently found comments you left for me in april--sorry I suck at blogging!

i'm always happy to come to your page and find new stuff.

i've recently been asked to be apart of a "modern women's blog" that just launched you can guess which story is mine :) check it out if you get the chance:

17 beats. said...

ummm ... COOL ! can't wait to check it out. i've been looking for something different to read. getting tired of the same old stuff.

Christina Terrell said...

I'd love it if you submitted stuff, too! You're basically my faaavorite living poet and junk :)

There's a tab on there where Jackie is taking submissions, if you are ever up to it. xoxox

17 beats. said...

That would be really cool ! I've been trolling the site, reading what y'all have been posting. It's cool, and I'm wanting MORE (quantity, that is).